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Households scattered across Britain reveal the vibrant tapestry of our country today. Taking us on a journey into the minds, hearts, and souls of communities to reflect on how, where and why we as Brits live the way we do. Centering on the hopes, fears, and dreams of those that call Britain home, as they attempt to provide security for future generations, and retain their cultural identity.

Shot in June 2017, the Manchester attack echoing through the collective consciousness, the month of the snap general election, the Borough Market attack and the Grenfell Tower fire, 'Voices of Britain' never directly explores or addresses the exact events taking place in the country at the time of production. Instead, the film stands as a time capsule of the mood of the people, the feel of the society, the tone of the country.

Using mixed media; including found footage, home videos, recorded interviews 'Voices of Britain' takes a whirlwind tour from coast to coast, grazing on families, communities, and individuals across every region of our country.

A tapestry of images woven together by snippets of interviews, musings on memory, identity and our perception of the self, Voices of Britain is a portrait of how our similarities outweigh our differences and an exploration of what it means to be an individual in a collective society.

Commissioned by the BFI & BBC.

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